Consular Matters

Please note that all Ugandans seeking Consular Services Must First Register with the Embassy. 

Note that Registration is free and can be done by post. (Down load the registration form, fill it and attach the necessary documentation and send by courier) 
The Embassy will not issue any documents to those who have not yet registered withit. For your safety and security, and to prevent delays in processing documents, kindly register yourself with the Embassy as soon as you arrive in Japan, Korea,Philippines, or Brunei . 

a. 2 passport-sized colored photos (and two for each family member if any)
b. Colored Copy of original passport+ visa and bio-data page
c. Application to be filled completely

a. 2 passport-sized colored photos each of groom and bride (4.5cm x 3.5cm)

b. original passport

c. Necessary documents from Uganda, such as:
i. Record of No Marriage from Registrar of Marriages 
ii. Affidavit from lawyer/Statutory Declaration notarized by a public lawyer indicating single status
iii. Letter from Local Council signed by the chairman and/or Letter of Parent's Consent indicating singleness

d. Filled-up application form (from the Embassy w/ signatures and fingerprints)

e. Registration at the embassy is mandatory prerequisite.
The applicant MUST come personally to the Embassy at least once, to either bring his/her documents or pick-up his/her certificate.

It is not mandatory for the non-Ugandan groom or bride to come to the Embassy personally for signatures and fingerprints. However, if the non-Ugandan fiancee does not come to the Embassy for the application of Certificate of No-Marriage, the Ugandan applicant must provide a form of identification of the applicant's fiancee such as a passport, driver's license, or company ID and a formal letter addressed to the embassy indicating the non-Ugandan fiancee's free desire to be married. 

  • The non-Ugandan groom/brides' contact address and telephone number.
  • The documents must be approved by Register General's office before the embassy can process them. 
  • The Embassy will, however notify the applicant when we hear from Kampala. 


a. 2 passport-sized colored photos each of groom and bride (4.5cm x 3.5cm)
b. Original passport of Ugandan
c. A copy of Certificate of No-Marriage issued by the Embassy (pre-requisite)
d. Marriage Certificate / Acceptance Certificate (from Ward office), with some translations in English, information about the husband and wife
e. Registration at the embassy is mandatory prerequisite.
* The above requirements can be sent by post. 

a. 2 passport-sized colored photo (4.5cm x 3.5cm)
b. valid passport 
c. filled-up completed Application for a Uganda Travel Document 
d. fee: JPY 5, 000 
e. Registration at the embassy is mandatory prerequisite.

a. 2 passport-sized colored photos (4.5cm x 3.5cm)
b. any identification card issued in Uganda
c. filled-up Citizenship Verification Form 
d. fee: JPY 5, 000 
e. Registration at the embassy is mandatory prerequisite. 
f. The applicant MUST come with a police report.

*Proxy application/mailed in application for emergency certificate are accepted if and only if the applicant is in custody, in which case the proof of detention and cover letter from the detaining facility must be submitted along with the application for emergency certificate.

a. 2 passport-sized colored photos (4.5cm x 3.5cm)
b. original driving license from Uganda
c. original passport from Uganda 
d. Return envelop with postage for registered mail /expac
e. Registration at the Embassy is pre-requisite