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Famous Japanese Musician/Media Artist, Mr. Pikotaro, Visits Uganda

Monday, 19th March 2018
Mr. Pikotaro meets H.E the President at the Conservation and Tourism Forum in Kampala, 6th October 2017.
The Embassy facilitated the visit of Mr. Pikotaro, the Musician of High Fame in Japan, to Uganda on 5th – 8th October 2017 in collaboration with Go! Go! Uganda Project Initiative based in Japan, with a strategy to increase the number of Japanese tourists going to Uganda.

The project is an initiative to promote inward tourism to Uganda.  The Project Coordinator, Mr. Tim Kibira approached H.E. the Ambassador of Uganda in Japan, H.E Betty Grace Akech-Okullo with an idea of engaging the popularity of a Media/Music Star, Mr. PIKOTARO to spearhead the boosting of Ugandan tourism in Japan.

The Ambassador made a video clip asking Mr. Pikotaro to support the Go! Go! Project Initiative to the same cause.  She also formally requested Mr. Pikotaro to become Uganda’s Tourism Ambassador in Japan.  

Mr. Pikotaro therefore visited Uganda from 5th – 8th October 2017 with Fugi TV Crew, one of the biggest TV Companies in Japan.  He was also accompanied by the Associated Press who made footage of Uganda which they will be sharing with other TV Programs in Japan. 

Mr. Pikotaro was able to attend the Conservation and Tourism Investment Forum which was held on 6th October 2017 in Kampala where he met H.E the President who appointed him Uganda’s Tourism Ambassador in Japan over the next year 2018.  Mr. Pikotaro was also engaged in other Uganda tourism promotion activities in Uganda.  His visit to Uganda has already featured on some TV programs and press in Japan and other forms of social media.  He also intends to write a song which promotes Uganda’s tourism in Japan.